Welcome to the of-mu.org Site

This is my new “about me” site. It’s hosted on an Arch Linux system using Nginx, Hugo, and a theme named Nix. The domain itself, of-mu.org, is registered via Gandi.net which is a wonderful domain registrar and the only place I will register my personal domains. Gandi has the same policy I do - no bullshit.

Notes about Site Certificates

Some of you web savvy folks out there may have noticed a green lock in the address bar of your browser indicating that this site is “secure” (or certain definitions thereof) - in other words, it has SSL (technically TLS) enabled. The site encryption is done using only secure ciphers so if you get connection errors with an older browser, that is likely why.

The TLS certificate is provided at no cost via the Let’s Encrypt project and installed using the EFF’s lovely tool: certbot. With these building blocks and (roughly) following the Arch Linux wiki’s Let’s Encrypt guide my site received an “A+” rating from SSL Labs. * (when checked on 2017-09-29 as this was written)

Anyone can test this site (or any other for that matter) via SSL Labs as well here. Please feel free to email me if SSL Labs gives this site’s TLS configuration anything less than an A+.

Donations Requests for Third Party Non-Profits

The EFF is one of my favorite non-profits because of the amazing work they do to protect our digital freedoms. They can always use donations.

Arch Linux also accepts donations as does the parent non-profit which it is a part of: Software in the Public Interest.

To One of My Children (albeit Now Grown)

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to my eldest child: Today, this site has more than one page and now supports the posting of blog updates. Are you happy now, Nevin? :P